Past Strategic Initiatives (Category A)

Strategic Initiatives (Category A) (2010) 

(Support Period :2010-2012)
Title Leader
Comparative Research Center for Governance (Public Politics, International Relations) in Japan and the World utilizing Tsukuba Civil Society Database Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Associate Prof. Yasushi Kondo
Center for Creation of Functional Materials Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Prof. Takeshi Akasaka
Center for Control of Cell Living System by Gene Information Web Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Prof. Jun Yanagisawa

Strategic Initiatives (Category A) (2008) 

(Support Period: 2008-2010)
Title Leader
Strategic Initiative for Interdisciplinary Materials Science Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
(Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science) Prof. Youichi Ohtsuka