Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Base-Building)

Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Base-Building) (2016) 

(Support Period :2016 - 2018)
Field Title Leader Introduction
Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines Establishment of "Research Center for West Asian Civilization" Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof. Shigeo Yamada
Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines  Ensemble of Light with Matter and Life for Discovery and Insights of Novel Phenomena  Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Associate Prof. Yohei Yamamoto

Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Base-Building) (2015) 

(Support Period :2015 - 2017)
Field Title Leader Introduction
Machine, civil engineering, architecture, other engineering Space Transportation Technology Research Center Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Associate Prof. Shigeru Yokota