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Pre-Strategic Initiative(Research Project)

 Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Project) (2012)  (Support Period :2012-2014

Field Title Leader Introduction
combined fields,new disciplines

Building Revolutionary Product Design Platform based on Integration of Engineering, Design and Kansei Science

Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Associate Prof.Junichi Hoshino

Life science Evolution and deversity of developmental programs of the nervous system in deuterostomes

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
(Shimoda Marine Research Center)
Assistant Prof. Takeo Horie

Machine,civil engineering,architecture,

Preservation Activities leading by Residents in Historic Districts of Indonesia

Faculty of Art and Design
Associate Prof.Yasufumi Uekita

combined fields,new disciplines
Implementation for health and longevity by medical collaboration with clinical, biological, industries and local government

Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Kunihiro Yamagata

 Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Project) (2011)  (Support Period :2011-2013

Field Title Leader Introduction
material science
Oral Polymer Drug Nanotherapy for Catastrophic Chronic Illness

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Prof.Yukio Nagasakii

Medicine Development of molecular diagnosis and therapy based on the integrated understanding the mechanism of cancer formation

Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Masayuki Noguchi

Pre-Strategic Initiatives (Research Project) (2010)
  (Support Period :2010- 2012

Field Title Leader Introduction
earth sciences
Dawn of Accelerated Galactic-radiation-hydrodynamics Era

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Associate Prof. Masao Mori

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