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Principal investigator

大塚 泰正

Otsuka Yasumasa

Faculty of Human Sciences



Workstyle reform facilitated by the “COVID-19 crisis”
Analyzing new workstyles and developing future perspectives for the work-life balance


Due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, the number of people working at home as a new workstyle, which has rarely taken root in Japan, is rapidly and markedly increasing. Such a situation is unexpectedly requiring us to reconsider the balance between work and life, including household affairs. We interview workers who have experienced working at home for the first time to clarify the positive and negative effects of this experience on the work-life balance, develop a psychological assessment scale to quantitatively measure these effects, and discuss strategies to achieve a better work-life balance or remove the causes of the imbalance. We also report the positive and negative effects of increasingly working at home clarified through this survey to society, and discuss labor management, career development, and new styles of working in companies/organizations with administrative bodies, managers, workers, and different types of support groups.

Project Name
Positive/negative effects of working at home on the work-life balance
work at home, work-life balance, work-family enrichment, work-family conflict
岡田 昌毅(人間系、働く人への心理支援開発研究センター)
Okada Masaki, Faculty of Human Sciences, R&D Center for Working Persons' Psychological Support
原 恵子(働く人への心理支援開発研究センター)
Hara Keiko, R&D Center for Working Persons' Psychological Support
中村 准子(働く人への心理支援開発研究センター)
Nakamura Junko, R&D Center for Working Persons' Psychological Support
有野 雄大(人間総合科学学術院)
Arino Yudai, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
尾野 裕美(明星大学)
Ono Hiromi, Meisei University
糟谷 充子(電気通信大学)
Kasuya Atsuko, The University of Electro-Communications
須藤 章(人間総合科学学術院)
Sudo Akira, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
髙橋 南海子(明星大学)
Takahashi Namiko, Meisei University
堀内 泰利(働く人への心理支援開発研究センター)
Horiuchi Yasutoshi, R&D Center for Working Persons' Psychological Support
三好 きよみ(東京都立産業技術大学院大学 産業技術研究科)
Miyoshi Kiyomi, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
持田 聖子(ベネッセ教育総合研究所)
Mochida Seiko, Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute
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暮らし Living

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